Thursday, September 30, 2010


Not dope sick, or sick-sick, or sick of it all, just sicksicksick. Sick of you sick of me sick of them sick of it sick of shit sick of some sick of all.

Sick of the TV sick of the economy sick of being used sick of using sick of computers sick of the internet, sick of always being sick.

I think my roommate wants to fuck. She says I act like Im above it all, I ask what? she says everything and waves her arms like they can cover the whole world. Society, us (people she means), Why do you act like you just dont care about anything?She hacks at the air at anything or nothing or everything and I laugh all nervous-like.
Im not better than anything, at least I dont think so. Bullshit! You know, James, you make me feel so stupid sometimes, you're always saying how you didnt graduate high school when you're brilliant, where do you even get off/ I don't make you feel anything, but if it makes you feel any better I dont think youre dumb.
I never really gave any thought to whether or not she was dumb but thats not whats really important anyway. What's important is that I keep my dick in my pants so I just laugh a little until she begins to blush. Goodnight james. Night beautiful

Sick of pussy sick of dick.
Sick of them sick of me sick of you.